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Experienced Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community
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Ask anyone who knew Katrina R. Jackson at age 3 and they could tell you one thing – she was going to be a lawyer and fight for people.  And that is just what she does as both an attorney and a State Representative representing Morehouse and Ouachita Parishes in the Louisiana Legislature. She is now our Senator, representing and advocating for our area.

Katrina was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Welton and Patricia Holman and Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Linda Jackson.


As a young child, her parents’ friends would comment on her inquisitive mind and her friends loved that when they got in trouble, Katrina was always there to stick up for them, even if it landed her in hot water as well.  Her mother’s mantra that she should always fight for what she believed in, even when others disagreed, because the fight was worth it sticks with her today.


Katrina graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe where she majored in Pre-Law and Legal Studies.  Her commitment to an aspiring career in the legal profession led her to receive her Juris Doctorate from Southern University in Baton Rouge in 2004.

Katrina has been blessed with many mentors in her life, they all shine through in the path she has chosen.  From family members that taught her about etiquette and gave her a fighting spirit; to teachers who prepared her for life beyond the classroom, and legal and political minds that taught her life lessons about separating good people from bad ideas.


One force that can’t be denied is her love and devotion to her Lord, Jesus Christ.  She was brought up in the Christian faith, and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior of her life at an early age and has continued to grow her faith. During law school she began; to study the Word more rigorously. She always knew that God should be acknowledged in all areas of her life, but during her law school years she was away from home for the first time and learned to depend on Him more. It was then that her personal relationship with God became stronger through more time in the Word and in midweek church services. She knows she is an imperfect person doing all she can to submit to the will of God daily in all areas of her life. 

Armed with her law degree and several years of mentoring from attorney and former State Representative Willie Hunter, Jr., Katrina came to the Louisiana Legislature in 2006 as a Staff Attorney for the House Committee on Labor & Industrial Relations and as Executive Director of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus.  Her exposure to the issues the legislature faced; and the leaders crafting solutions; and fighting for people gave her new insights and opened new doors for her.

In 2011 she announced for the 16th State House seat (parts of Ouachita and Morehouse Parishes) being vacated and won in the first round of voting against 3 other opponents.  She was subsequently elected without opposition in 2015 for a second term.

The smile that Katrina keeps on her face in good times and bad is well known throughout the Capitol.  Known as a tough negotiator who often gets more than her opponents wanted to give up from the bargaining table, Katrina hasn’t shied away from leadership roles and is well versed in the procedures and politics that make her such a good fighter for her values and constituents.

Whether it’s protecting working and middle-class families from tax increases that unfairly burden them to fighting for women to receive equal pay for equal work, there’s no better friend and advocate in the Capitol than Katrina.  She’s helped protect our state’s agricultural interests, funded roads and bridges back home, ensured that student athletes have access to defibrillators in their schools and protected the uninsured’s access to quality affordable healthcare.  But children have a special place in her heart, and she is a passionate and outspoken protector of the unborn’s right to life and funding for K-12 education in the State Legislature.

At home you can find Katrina worshipping with her family at Riverside Missionary Baptist Church, fighting for clients in criminal and civil law cases, and spending time educating, working with, and listening to her constituents at churches, senior centers and community venues.

Katrina attributes her accomplishments to not just having a dream, but having a dream that lines up with God's plan for her life. She believes her footsteps are ordered by God and every day she works to allow God to guide her in the process of realizing her dream.




Committee Assignments, Leadership Positions, Awards and Accolades: 


Chair, House Committee on Judiciary

Member, House Committee on Health and Welfare

Member, House Executive Committee

Member, Select Leadership Committee

Ad Hoc Member, House Appropriations

Interim Member, Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget

Member, Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission

Former Vice Chair and Member, Democratic Caucus

Former Chair and Member, Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC)

Secretary and Member, Louisiana Legislative Women’s Caucus

Member, Louisiana Rural Caucus

Member, North Louisiana Legislative Delegation

Member, Supreme Court Advisory Committee

Annual Leadership Award, by Supported Living Network, 2012

African American Trailblazers Award by African American Women Trailblazers, 2012

Legislator of the Year, Louisiana Municipal Association Black Caucus, 2012-2013 

Louisiana Conference of Black Mayors Award & Network Coalition, 2013

Distinguished Alumnus Award, Southern University Law Center, April 2014

Defender of Life for 2014 Legislative Session Award, Louisiana Right to Life, 2014

Humanitarian Award, Monroe Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Life & Liberty Award, Louisiana Family Forum, 2014

Award of Appreciation, Louisiana Hospital Association, 2015 

Legislator of the Year, Louisiana State Troopers Association, 2015

Legislator of the Year, Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians, 2015 

Champion of Louisiana Juvenile Justice, State Office of Juvenile Justice, 2015

Humanitarian Award, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Foundation of Ouachita, 2016

2016 Legislator of the Year, Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians 

Chamber of Southwest Louisiana 2016 Legis-Gator Business Champion Award

Life and Liberty Award, Louisiana Family Forum, 2016

UH Warrior Award, University Health Conway, 2016 

Top 20 at 40 Outstanding Business Professionals, Monroe Chamber of Commerce, 2017

2017 Legislator of the Year, Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians 

2017 Legislator of the Year, Louisiana Orthopedic Association, 2017

L. D. Land Government Service Award, Greater Grambling Chamber of Commerce, 2017

2018 Legislative Advocate of the Year, District 5, Louisiana State Medical Society

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